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Evergreen container selection:


#3 CONTAINER: Our #3 container grows a 4+ year-old tree that reaches a height of 24”+. Their ease of handling and established growth makes them ideal for mass plantings.

Spruce_Colorado_3.jpeg#3 Colorado Blue Spruce

Spruce_Black_Hills_3.jpeg#3 Black Hills Spruce

Spruce_Norway_3.JPG#3 Norway Spruce

picture-holder.jpg#3 Meyer's Spruce

Pine_White_3.JPG#3 White Pine


#5 CONTAINER: Trees in our #5 container are 5+ years old and reach a height of 30”+. They are the most versatile size, as they are small enough and economic enough to be used in mass plantings, but they also are large enough to be used as landscape trees. 

picture-holder.jpg#5 Colorado Blue Spruce

Spruce_Black_Hills_5.jpeg#5 Black Hills Spruce

picture-holder.jpg#5 Norway Spruce

Pine_White_5.jpeg#5 White Pine



#7 CONTAINER: The #7 container grows a 6+ year old tree to a height of 36”+. These trees are great for the home landscape, or as well-established trees for windbreak purposes. 

Spruce_Colorado_Blue_7.jpeg#7 Colorado Blue Spruce

Spruce_Black_Hills_7.jpeg#7 Black Hills Spruce

Spruce_Black_Hills_7.jpeg #7 Norway Spruce


PARK GRADE (PG): On our farm, our container trees are grown via a pot-in-pot production method. Because of this, we are able to identify certain trees that are slightly misshaped, narrow, or not as filled out. These trees are marked as our Park Grade (PG) trees, and are sold at discounted prices. Once established, these trees will gain back their characteristic shape and size; making them a great value! 

#7 PG Black Hills Spruce#7 Colorado Blue Spruce PG

#7 Black Hills Spruce PG








Famous Quotes

“If I knew I should die tomorrow, I would plant a tree today” – Stephen Girard

“The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit.” – Nelson Henderson