Welcome to Cedar River Tree Farm 

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Our Mission is

To grow the finest nursery stock. From planting, to harvesting, to everything in between, nothing is overlooked during the growth of our trees. We are constantly making changes and modifying our methods in efforts to produce high quality nursery stock.

Our Promise is

To provide a dependable product. Our trees don’t leave our farm until we’re confident they exceed the expectations of our buyers. We work diligently to ensure the trees you purchase will grow and thrive just as they have on our farm.

Our Commitment is

To our customers. Everything we do is with our customers in mind. Whether it’s before, during, or after you buy our product, everything we do is for you.

Our Purpose is

To grow trees. It’s what we do.

Famous Quotes

“If I knew I should die tomorrow, I would plant a tree today” – Stephen Girard

“If a tree dies, plant another in its place” – Linnaeus